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Welcome to the Redstone Township High School web site.  RTHS was located in Republic, Pennsylvania.  I say 'was' because Redstone Township students now attend the Brownsville Area High Schools.  In 1966, the state of Pennsyvlania mandated that Redstone Township's schools be merged with the Brownsville Area School District beginning with the 1967 school year.

So, why have a web site for a school that doesn't exist anymore?

Before I answer that, please allow me to introduce myself to you.

My name is Wes Campbell.    I'm a 63' graduate of Redstone and I first started this site in early 2000 with the intention of (a) preserving what I perceive to be the spirit of a small, but very proud high school (that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore) and (b) I thought this could be a good forum for those Redstone alumni interested in catching up with each other and wanting to stay in touch.

The primary goals for this site is 'content'.  We'll try to add a little something every so often to keep you interested.  But, we'll need your help.

We want to hear from you!

If you are an alumni of Redstone, perhaps you would like to share with us some of your most memorable experiences at Redstone High.  Perhaps you a have some interesting pictures or some little known facts about Redstone that you would like to share with everyone.  We would love to have some quality pictures of the black-and-white football uniforms.

Perhaps you have an interesting story or some interesting trivia about RTHS our visitors would find interesting.  For example, reunion announcements, teachers, athletes, news about alumni, etc.  Or, it could be something unique about the area (e.g. "patchs", "red dog").

If you're interested in working with us to improve the site, for example transcribing files, researching a subject, etc., contact me here

Or, if you would like to make a contribution to help cover the cost of maintaining this site, your support would be greatly appreciated. Just contact me here

So, come on Black Hawks . . . . we want to hear from you!

Plus, here are some example subjects to get the dialogue going:

Under Construction

Several of the pages in this site are still under construction, and will probably stay under construction for perpetuity.  So please be patient with us as we add more pages and learn more about quirky things such as web crawlers, style sheets, "index.php" files and all the weird things that the web browsers could not (would not) agree to standardize.  The Internet is not a perfect world (Thank you Bill Gates).

It's a myth that computers are smarter than people.  But they do help you do dumb things much faster.


ole Redstone

I remember when we changed from Red-and-Gray to Black-and-white in the early sixties.  Man, were those black-and-white uniforms were really cool!  I've heard it said that Redstone's colors were black-and-white before they became red-and-gray.  If this is so, when did we adopt the red-and-gray the first time? 

Those black-and-white uniforms had a very unique vertical stripe with squares inserted the middle.  I'd would be very interested if someone out there had a good picture of them?  It would be a great addition to this site.

So back to the subject, who is Roger and is Joe?  And maybe you're curious about who the heck am I (but, then again, maybe not)?  My name is Wes Campbell, I'm a "patch kid".  from Filbert #1. I graduated from Redstone High School in 1963.  Roger (Filbert #2) graduated in 1961 and was a standout Black Hawk football player.  Joe Cindrich (also a Filbert #1 "patch kid") had a sterling football career at Redstone and was recruited by all the big football schools including Notre Dame.  You can learn a lot more about Joe and many more stand-out Black Hawks student-athletes in the linked "Sports" page.


A little Redstone High School history:

ole Redstone

Did you know the first Redstone graduating class was in 1918?  The 1918 class consisted of a grand total of two students.  However, the enrollment at Redstone grew quickly in the early 1920s.  The last Redstone graduating class was the 1966 class.

The Redstone Township schools were consolidated with the Brownsville Area School District by state mandate just after 1967 school year.  After the school districts consolidated, the old RTHS building was used as a BASD Middle School in the Brownsville School District.  On August 15, 2001, the BASD School Board voted to close the Redstone Middle School as part of a cost savings.  Most recently, the older part of the High School building has been demolished.  All that remains standing is the Gym built in the early 60s and the football field.

Redstone Township's High School has always been located in Republic, Pa.  The original high school building was a typical "WPA style" building made up of very large limestone quarried near by.  It was on Rt. 166 at the top of Republic hill.  As the enrollment grew and a new building was built just a little north of the first building, also along Rt. 166.


Hawk Right Hawk Left Redstone Township
High School
Alma Mater


"Of thee, dear Redstone High, we sing;
To thee we pledge our promise true.
This we all do hope will bring
To thee thy faith which is thy due!

We will e're be true to thee
In faith and hope and charity
Loyal ever we will be,
Our Alma Mater, God bless thee!


A little about the local area:

Republic is one of many small coal mining towns located along Rt. 166, just about 6 miles south and a little east of Brownsville, Pa.  We refer to the local villages affectionately as "patchs".  Most of the "patches" were built by the coal companies.  Republic, which used to be called "Hub City", was constructed by the Republic Coal Company.  The "patches" dotted the country side with no apparent organization.  The simply followed the coal veins.  Most were just East of the Monongahela River and eventually cross the river into Greene County, the county that makes up the very SW corner of Pennsylvania.

For those of you that are interested, but not familiar with the area, locating the city of Republic should be easy.  With a good map, locate the city of Pittsburgh on your map and then look for the Monongahela river flowing North (yes, not just the Nile flows North) into Pittsburgh's South side.  Follow the "Mon" south from Pittsburgh towards West Virginia for just about 40 miles.  Eventually, you will see Brownsville. If you see the West Virginia border, turn around.  You missed it.   Rt. 166 and Rt. 40 intersect at Brownsville.  Follow Rt. 166 south-east (that's with your right hand pointing back) and you will find Republic.  Simple, Eh!.

Brownsville used to be a major ship/barge building center.  Also, late in the 16th century, it was also a popular "jumping off" point for a lot of people migrating West to the "Ohio Territory" and Kentucky.  They would travel by boat or maybe even a self-made raft north on the "Mon" to where it meets the Allegheny at Pittsburgh. This is the beginning of the Ohio River.  From there, they would travel west into what was known then as "Ohio Territory", "Kentucky" or even far western Virginia.


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